Die Cast Model Car Kits

Die cast model car kit is a line of hobby kits that allows you to build and customize your own die cast vehicles. As an OEM supplier, we provide customized features on our models so that each kit can be tailored to meet the needs of our customers…
Die cast model car kit, custom factory Design and OEM logo printing service such as die cast car, die cast model car kit, remote control car kits, big truck assembled model kit etc.

Die cast model car kits suppliers

Total staff (45)

The data is form onsite check of the latest inspection report assessed by independent third parties

Competitive OEM factory

Suppliers who primarily handlemanufacturing, have a 2-Star Rating orabove,and feature on the Alibaba.com

ODM services available

The data is from past contract of thelatest inspection report as assessed byindependent third parties.

Cooperated suppliers (100)

The number of factories the supplier hascooperated with in the past three years,asassessed by independent third parties.

Cooperation with customers


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