1:43 Alloy Diecast Car Model Toy Mini Pull Back Off-road Vehicle

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1:43 Alloy Diecast Car Model Toy Mini Pull Back Off-road Vehicle

1:43 scale is one of the most popular scales used in the production of alloy diecast car model. This scale represents the size ratio of the model car to the actual car, meaning that 1 unit of measurement on the model represents 43 units of measurement on the actual car.

The 1:43 scale is preferred by many collectors and enthusiasts due to its versatility and affordability. It is also a popular choice among manufacturers as it allows for a high level of detail to be included in the model without increasing the size of the product significantly.

The production of a 1:43 alloy diecast car model involves several stages, including the creation of a prototype, the casting of the model, and the painting and finishing of the final product. The process typically starts with a 3D scan or a physical model of the actual car, which is used to create a prototype. The prototype is then used to create a mold, which is used for the casting of the alloy metal.

Once the casting is complete, the model undergoes a series of finishing processes, including painting, detailing, and adding decals or other finishing touches. The level of detail included in the model varies depending on the manufacturer and the specific car model being reproduced. Some models feature working doors, hoods, and trunks, while others include intricate interior detailing and moving parts.

1:43 alloy diecast car models are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts due to their accuracy and attention to detail. They are also popular among children and toy collectors due to their affordability and playability. With their miniature size and impressive level of detail, 1:43 alloy diecast car models are a great way to showcase your love for cars and automotive history.

Model Number DS033
Product name 1:43 alloy pull back off-road vehicle
Packing display box
CTN Size(CM) 78*31*60
G.W(KG) 22
N. W(KG) 20
CBM 4.6
Packing Size 28.8*18.7*27
Remarks 4 mixed packs/24 packs in one box

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