Customized diecast car 143 1:43 alloy pullback sports car

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Customized Diecast Sport Car Personalized Models

The 1:43 Customized Diecast Sport Car is a miniature toy car that is built to a scale of 1:43. These cars are designed to resemble real-life sports cars that have been customized and modified to enhance their performance and appearance. The cars are made of high-quality die-cast metal material, which makes them durable and long-lasting.

One of the most exciting features of the 1:43 Diecast Sport Car is its unique and customized design. These cars can be customized with different modifications such as unique paint jobs, custom wheels, spoilers, and other enhancements that make them stand out from standard sports cars. These modifications give the toy car a sense of exclusivity and make them highly desirable to collectors.

The 1:43 Diecast Sport Car is designed to be safe for children to play with. It is made of non-toxic materials, and its size and weight make it easy for small hands to hold and play with. The wheels are made of rubber, which provides good traction on any surface.

The car is designed with a pullback mechanism, which allows the car to be pulled back and released, propelling it forward at an impressive speed. The car can travel a considerable distance, making it an ideal toy for racing and competition.

The 1:43 Diecast Sport Car is suitable for both children and adults who love toy cars. It is a great addition to any toy collection and can be used for imaginative play, racing, or display. Collectors often seek out rare or limited edition versions of the toy car, which can be highly valuable.

Overall, the 1:43 Diecast Sport Car is a great toy car that offers a unique and customized design and a fun pullback mechanism. Its high-quality construction and realistic details make it a durable and long-lasting toy that is safe for children to play with. Whether you are a collector or a casual fan, the 1:43 Diecast Sport Car is a great addition to any toy collection.

Model Number DS835
Product name 1:43 alloy pullback sports car
Packing display box
CTN Size(CM) 78*31*60
G.W(KG) 22
N. W(KG) 20
CBM 4.6
Packing Size 28.8*18.7*27
Remarks 8 mixed packs/24 packs in one box

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