Diecast fire engines 10pcs sliding alloy car

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Diecast fire engines 10pcs sliding alloy car

Diecast fire engines are miniature replicas of real fire trucks that are made of diecast metal and plastic. They are designed to be highly detailed and accurate representations of the fire trucks they are based on, and they are often collected as a hobby.

A sliding alloy car is a type of toy car that is made of alloy, which is a mixture of metals such as aluminum, magnesium, and other elements. It typically has wheels that allow it to slide or roll along a surface, and it may have additional features such as doors that open or working wheels.

It is possible to find diecast fire engine models that are also sliding alloy cars. These types of models are typically designed for younger children and may have features such as bumpers or protective cages to help prevent accidents. They may also have simple controls and a durable design to withstand rough play.

If you are interested in collecting diecast fire engine models, there are many different brands and models to choose from, including classic and modern fire trucks in a range of scales. You can find these models at hobby stores, online marketplaces, and through specialty dealers.

Model Number DS892
Product name 10pcs sliding alloy car
Packing Window Box
CTN Size(CM) 75*40*52
G.W(KG) 29.5
N. W(KG) 27.5
Packing Size 24.1*18.6*3.8
Remarks 2 assorted

diecast fire engines



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