Mini gt 164 diecast 6PCS mini alloy trolley

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Mini gt 164 diecast 6PCS mini alloy trolley

Mini GT is a brand of 1:64 scale diecast cars that are designed to be collectible and highly detailed replicas of real cars. These miniature models are made of diecast metal and plastic, and they often include features such as opening doors, working wheels, and accurate detailing.

1:64 scale refers to the size of the model in relation to the real car. In this scale, 1 inch on the model represents 64 inches (5 feet 4 inches) on the real car. This makes 1:64 scale models small enough to be easily handled and displayed, but still large enough to showcase the finer details of the car.

Diecast refers to the process of creating a model by injecting molten metal into a mold. This creates a solid metal model with a high level of detail and durability. Diecast models are popular with collectors because of their accuracy and durability.

If you are interested in collecting Mini GT 1:64 diecast cars, there are many different models to choose .Mini gt 164 diecast

Model Number DS027
Product name 6PCS mini alloy trolley
Packing Window Box
CTN Size(CM) 66.5*31.5*68
G.W(KG) 22.5
N. W(KG) 20.5
CBM 5.03
Packing Size 31.5*9.5*4
Remarks Four assorted

Mini gt 164 diecast

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