Police diecast car toy alloy Police Parking Lot

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Police diecast car toy alloy Police Parking Lot

A Police Parking Lot diecast toy set would typically include a variety of police vehicles, such as police cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles commonly used by law enforcement. It may also include miniature buildings, street signs, and other accessories to create a realistic scene. The size of the parking lot may vary, but it would likely be large enough to accommodate several toy vehicles. Diecast toy police cars are typically made from metal, often with plastic or rubber parts, and are made to scale, meaning that they are a smaller version of the real police car that they are modeled after. Diecast toy police cars are often highly detailed, with features such as working lights, doors that open and close, and other realistic elements. They may be pulled back and released to move on their own, or they may have to be pushed manually. Some diecast toy police cars may also have sound or light effects to enhance playtime.

To find a Police Parking Lot diecast toy set, you can try searching online for stores that specialize in collectible or toy police vehicles and dioramas. You can also try visiting a toy store or hobby shop that carries a variety of diecast vehicles and dioramas. Additionally, you can try contacting manufacturers or distributors of diecast toys directly to inquire about purchasing options. It may also be helpful to read reviews or ask for recommendations from other collectors or enthusiasts in online forums or social media groups focused on diecast toys.

Model Number TH626
Product name Alloy Police Parking Lot
Packing Window Box
CTN Size(CM) 86*41*90
G.W(KG) 33
N. W(KG) 31
CBM 10.8
Packing Size 19.5*28*6.7
Remarks single pack

Police diecast car


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